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This Is A Great Way To Cross The Rapids

There’s always that one moment in life that can really make or break you. You have to make a decision that could change everything. Oftentimes it’s during a stressful time or gives you some anxiety. It’s at that point that you can either push through or turn back. 

A couple years ago I was in Colorado for vacation.

I love the outdoors but at the same time I’m definitely not the type of person who really LOVES Colorado and everything it has to offer. Hiking is cool and all but it’s just meh….I’d rather be on a motorcycle in the woods than walking (which I was able to do actually).

When we were there we obviously did our fair share of outdoor activities but one that really sticks out is whitewater rafting.

I’ve grown up around boats my entire life but never really went rafting, just stuck with speed boats and jet skis. Plus there aren’t a ton of places in Wisconsin to go rafting unless you’re talking about floating down a river with a cooler behind you, there’s plenty of that available.

I’ve always been into things that were somewhat extreme or carried a risk with them. So once we got to the whitewater rafting place I was excited that they were saying there was a sense of danger involved on the trip we’d be embarking on. 

We walked into the little shack, signed a release form so that the place wouldn’t be held accountable if something happened to us, got geared up, and went through an introductory course. A group of us then loaded up the rafts and hopped on a shuttle bus that drove us to the spot where we’d start the trip! Once there we unloaded the rafts and they gave us a rundown of safety protocols and explanations of what certain terms mean when we are being guided in the raft.

It was at this point where you had the decision to go on the trip or turn around and go back. It should be obvious that there was no way I was turning around. 

What Do You Do When Faced With Rough Water?

At this point we knew we were going to be going down some rough waters and they told us how to get back in the boat if someone fell out…which people did!

When we were going over the safety instructions I could see some people getting a little more nervous which is understandable…no one wants to fall out of the boat into rapids!

This brings me to the question of what do you do when faced with rough water or white wash?

What I mean by this is what do you do when faced with a difficult situation?

Turning around and going back to where you came from is always the easiest thing to do. The problem is just that, you’re going back to where you came from. Which isn’t an issue unless you don’t like where they were at before this difficult situation. 

Imagine working at a job that you’re comfortable with but always feel like you’re being held back. The money is pretty good, nothing too crazy happens, the hours aren’t crazy, everything is just pretty good. Then suddenly you have the opportunity to pursue your dream job and in the beginning it isn’t as great as your current job but the potential is greater in the end.

Hypothetically this seems like a no brainer, you go with your dream job. Then you realize that this isn’t going to be as easy or comfortable as you are right now. 

You are in a state of white wash as I like to say. 

Just like when I was in that rafting safety orientation, there was an opportunity to turn around, be safe and comfortable, and not have to worry about anything. You have that opportunity with this potential job situation. 

Go For The Win

I believe that people who win at life push through the white wash and get to the place that they want to go no matter how uncomfortable that may be!

Comfort is the killer of growth. If you are comfortable and happy with where you are at that is great! I mean that in regards to all areas of your life. 

At The Specific Chiropractic Centers oftentimes people walk through the door ready to become uncomfortable, meaning they want change!

They are sick of living in a state of chronic pain or discomfort. 

Staying on the same course of depending on medications, living in a state of uncertainty, not being able to do the things they want to do is what a lot of the people are ready to escape. It’s not easy making that step for most people but we absolutely love it when we commit to changing their life for the better. 

A lot of people who come in the office have been battling health issues for a long time. This means they have learned to live with the inconvenience it provides. It is a huge change to want to feel better. There is a time commitment, a financial commitment, and a commitment to themselves to stay the course…that is the white wash of it. There are people that would rather live with their condition than push forward and get well.

At The Specific we are committed to getting people through that white wash and get them to where they want to be. I stand for a world where people are able to do the things they want to do and be what they want to be without their health interfering. Whenever someone comes into the office we go over their health history and discuss what their goals are. I love hearing how most people aren’t just looking to get out of discomfort, but rather get to a point where they can get back to doing the things they love without being limited. 

Oftentimes people struggling with chronic health issues have a nervous system issue going on. We work directly with the nervous system and its relationship with those issues. This helps people get across those rapids or white wash even faster allowing them to live the life they want to live!

I hope you, like me, don’t turn around when facing a time of discomfort but rather face it head on and push through. This allows everyone to grow and win at life! Contact us to help you push through whatever kind of discomfort you are feeling that’s limiting your growth!

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