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The Most Boring 20 Minutes of My Childhood

“Mike, time to get up,” my dad exclaimed.

The time was about 7am and I was 13 years old. As I woke up I ate some cereal and watched some cartoons. After that I got dressed. 

Navy pants laying on the floor from the day before, no grass stains from the football game at recess the day prior so they’re still good in my mind. I think today I’ll wear a red polo…tucked in of course as I don’t want to start my day getting told to tuck in my shirt when I got to school. 

Lord knows I’ve already had a couple run-ins with the school security guard, not really my fault though, just some joking that ultimately got my dad really fired up to the point where he’d go to the school and yell at the dude!

Pants are on, shirt’s on and tucked in, better slide into my ES skate shoes now. 

My parents sent my brother and I to Catholic school, and to be honest I would do it all over again. Sure they were strict on some things but the curriculum was a little ahead of the public schools and the uniforms also decreased bullying and judging everyone. 

With that being said your shoes were one of the only things that you could really personalize. Me being huge into skateboarding of course I was always wearing my skate shoes to show people that’s what I was into. 

Wait….one more thing. I FORGOT MY TECH DECK! You know, the finger skateboards. I think I have computer class today meaning I’ll be able to do some sick grinds on the chairs and computer bases.

Back to present day!

The fact that I’m a Chiropractor is kind of crazy.

Not that I don’t think I wasn’t smart enough to make it happen.

The main thing was school.

I mean school was hard for me my whole life. I was never one of those kids that could barely study and get A’s on everything. I would have study a ton to get a B or C. 

Was it frustrating?


But the big thing was I was never a huge fan of school….like most kids. 

This is where it’s surprising I became a Chiropractor due to the amount of schooling that’s required. 

Back to school at St. Jerome’s.

When my brother and I were in grade school we would go to a family friends house after school as our parents worked full time. When we got to their house we would do our homework, then it was time…dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!

Time for the most boring 20 minutes of my childhood!


It’s funny how as a kid that felt like forever where now when I read that goes by in the blink of an eye. 

Regardless it was still terribly boring to me. 

20 Minutes Makes All The Difference Now

Nowadays 20 minutes in my life is completely different. Seems like it flies by no matter what I’m doing (unless I’m working out). At The Specific Chiropractic Centers 20 minutes is actually a vital part of the office. 

By now, if you’ve read some of our other articles, then you know that something we focus on is the nervous system. The nervous system controls everything in the body and can really be related to symptoms that people experience if it’s not working correctly. 

Think of it almost as a dimmer switch! 

You can dim the lights and sometimes they get too dark, on the other hand you can put the switch to full blast and it may be too bright! Somewhere right in the middle is usually spot on. If the nervous system is dimmed or brightened too much that can result in dysfunction going on in the body. 

At The Specific we help balance out the nervous system or bring it back to that perfect spot, not too dim and not too bright. Our main goal is to have the nervous system remain at this spot no matter what you have going on in life, we hope that the body and nervous system is adapting how it’s designed to! 

But how do we actually achieve this?

If you’re reading this then you’re aware that we are a Chiropractic office so obviously adjustments are involved in this. For us the magic happens after the adjustment takes place. 

It’s at this time that the person rests.


Yes, rests! We have this room with these really cool zero gravity chairs. It’s in this room that people rest for 20 minutes after their adjustment. This is a vital part of our office! 

I guess some people may find this to be really boring at first but over time people really start to enjoy it as it’s usually their only time to themselves. The importance of the rest time is to allow the body to process the adjustment and make it so we don’t have to keep adjusting over and over again. 

Normally people we get adjusted at the chiropractor then walk out the door and back into the stressful world that they came from! This puts all the stress back onto the body immediately. By resting, it allows the body to relax and really take the adjustment in and allow it to set into place how it’s supposed to, so in turn this is a very important 20 minutes in the office!

Reading for 20 minutes as a kid was maybe the most boring thing but nowadays 20 minutes of hanging out and resting sounds pretty amazing considering everything that’s going on in the world. This 20 minutes of rest time can make a world of difference in how someone progresses through care. If we were to skip this it is without a doubt a cause of needing to be adjusted over and over again. The nervous system wouldn’t stay working optimally as long, especially in the beginning phase of care. We are committed to making sure that people’s bodies are functioning at 100% as long as possible allowing those pesky symptoms to disappear. 

That post school reading program wasn’t fun but now I’m happy to provide 20 minutes of rest time for our clients!

Learn more.

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