This is the chiropractic table that we use in the office, which is actually quite a bit different than a normal chiropractic table.

See, when I was in school, we’d have to practice getting adjusted and adjusting your classmates and all this stuff. I always hated doing that. I hated how they’d always have to turn my head or neck really quick, or press on my back and hear those cracking noises.

Because of that experience, I believe that we shouldn’t have to deal with that when we go to the chiropractor.  No one should have to deal with those uncomfortable, awkward, and even painful experiences, especially when they’re at the chiropractor.

That’s actually exactly the reason why we have this table. This special table allows us to get as specific as possible and make it so we don’t have to twist the head or the neck or the back or the low back at all, which I think is really great, and something you’ve probably never seen before.

These special chiropractic tables allow us to get long-lasting relief and resolution without the pain. That’s something that I really believe in, and I really believe providing that for the people that come to my office, so that’s why we have these tables for you.