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Upper Cervical Chiropractic is The Best For You

No matter what we always want the best!

We hope to have the best football team.

We went to the best school.

Want the best car.

If you compete in something you strive to be the best.

We hope that our country is the best!

The list can go on and on and I’m just as guilty as always wanting the best at whatever I am doing, buying, or being a part of. 

In fact there are times where I specifically don’t do something because I know how competitive I am and that I won’t be the best at that very moment, it’s very petty I know. 

With all of that being said I want to make sure that what I do at The Specific Chiropractic Centers is the very best! There’s a lot that goes into what I do at the office, more than just unlocking the door and turning the lights on, it’s a yearly progression. 

In the beginning it always starts with a zoom call for me…I have 2 zoom calls a week with other doctors across the country to make sure that we are all the best we possibly can be! On top of that we have a private group where we are always discussing clinical specifics as well as certain cases. We have 4 in person conferences every year to make sure that we are staying up to date with everything as well as really sharpening our skills when it comes to this care. 

Do you Want or Need the Best?

Well…..maybe it’s actually both!

There’s always the option of going with lesser options due to a variety of reasons, like convenience, price, what your issue is, and so on and so forth. People might give us a call looking for a quick “back crack” and it is obvious that we are not the best fit for them! I am always happy to refer them to someone else as they too, still need care, they just don’t want our specific care at the moment. 

On the other end of the spectrum there are people who have been to multiple healthcare providers, tried what seems to be everything under the sun, and still have yet to see any sort of relief.

These are the people that are perfect for our office!

In fact, we usually do our best work with these people, which may seem kind of weird. 

A lot of people who have tried everything have one thing going on that has never really been tested consistently….and that is a nervous system issue. Basically the nervous system isn’t working how it’s supposed to. 

We use a tool called computerized infrared thermography that measures the nervous system at every single visit. This allows us to see if the body is working properly or not, which is vitally important. You may be one of these people and have said to yourself “well I’ve gone to the neurologist.” Yes, and it’s important to make sure that things check out at the neurologist, butttttt they are usually looking for very large issues going on, like lesions and things of that nature. 

What we are looking for is very specific and not as “major” as a lesion or anything like that. With that being said it can have similar effects on the body as something major, which is why a lot of people come into the office perplexed as to having tried everything and get tested everywhere without getting real results or fixes. The tool we use measures very specific temperature which is controlled by the nervous system. If there is a disturbance in these temperatures, medical research tells us that is indicative of a nervous system problem going on. 

We combine this technology with biomechanical digital x-rays. 

What are those?!

We take a very specific set of x-rays where we actually put the person into motion having them bend their head and neck back and forth. This allows us to see how everything is moving, or potentially not moving. If we notice something isn’t moving how it’s supposed to, then that tells us how the adjustment needs to be done!

So Now We Just Adjust??


Well, yes and no. 

Remember earlier when we were talking about the tool that measures the nervous system?

Well we use that tool at every single visit. It actually tells us if we need to adjust or not adjust, which is VERY important. If we were to adjust someone when they didn’t actually need an adjustment what do you think would happen? Yeah they get worse. 

So imagine going to a chiropractor 3 days a week for months and months, and they adjust you at every visit…you’ll have times where you feel good, then feel bad again. This makes sense as sometimes they are adjusting you when you actually need to be adjusted and then adjusting you when you didn’t need to be adjusted! That is the importance of that tool, it makes sure that we know exactly when to adjust and more importantly, when not to adjust. We also have to remember that symptoms aren’t always bad. A lot of people will come into the office once under care and explain how they aren’t feeling the best, yet we see that their nervous system is working at 100% so we don’t adjust. If someone has been dealing with an issue for years and years, it’s going to take a while to actually get relief and resolution. The body is almost going to fight the initial adjustments because it is such a big change that it’s not used to, but it’s vital for long term relief.

As mentioned a lot of the people that come into The Specific Chiropractic Centers are dealing with chronic health issues. Things like headaches, migraines, vertigo, anxiety, add/adhd, neck and back pain, sleep issues, and many more. If you are one of these people, reach out to us!

We are offering complimentary video consultations where we can hop on a video call together, we can learn a little bit about what’s going on, if we can help you, and if you’d be a good fit for the office.

Learn more.

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Thanks for reading the specific blog.