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This Knife Will Cut!

We all have our favorite TV shows. 

Some people like comedies, documentary style, crime shows, news shows, sports exclusively.

Lately the shows that I’ve really been into are competition shows. I’ll watch one called Alone that’s all about surviving, dessert baking shows, and motorcycle racing.

Want to know that show that I like the most though?

It’s called Forged In Fire!

It’s a competition show that starts out with 4 competitors. 

They are tasked to make a specific knife out of pieces of metal. As the show progresses they people are voted off depending on a series of tests and how well their knife performs. At the end of each episode it’s only down to 2 bladesmiths as they are sent home to make a different style of blade in 4 days then brought back to the show setting to have them tested. The person that makes the best blade wins $10,000!

Now that may sound boring to you but trust me, it is actually a pretty cool show as it’s amazing how they can turn blocks of steel into knives that not only look cool but are sharp and strong as hell. 

There is no doubt that in order to be able to take a block of metal and turn it into a functioning knife it takes a lot of skill and practice…am I right?!

Well the same can be said about all of us actually. 

When you contact a CPA for taxes, it’s assumed they’ve done them before.

If you order a steak at a nice restaurant, the chef should know how to cook it!

Pulling into the oil change place you already know that your oil change is going to be done correctly. 

Each one of those professionals has had a lot of time and experience doing the things they do so when we go to experience their service, we know that what we are getting is good and there won’t be any problems….hopefully.

If we do experience some sort of issue there’s usually a grace period where everyone will let slide depending on the service but if it keeps on happening then people usually won’t keep going back to the business.The same goes for Forged In Fire….if someone’s knife doesn’t work correctly, breaks, isn’t the proper shape, and so on, that person is voted off the show. 

But what about healthcare workers?

It seems like most of the time there is a larger margin for error when we’re talking about surgeons, or there isn’t any sort of “sending home” or slap on the wrist, which is kind of crazy as when they mess up it can be fatal. 

Well this is one of the reasons I take what I do very seriously and continue to try and become better! Every single Tuesday I have a zoom call with other Chiropractors all over the world that do the same exact technique I practice at The Specific Chiropractic Centers Lake Country. But that’s not everything, obviously a zoom call is great but if that was it then I’d be concerned myself. 

About 3 times a year a large group of us get together in person and go over everything we do. Not only do we work on adjusting drills but also analysis. We work on reading x-rays, proper patient positioning, nervous system scanning, and reading the scans. What we do in the office is a lot more than adjusting people, we actually need to practice all of these things as they determine how effective we can be and the results we end up achieving. 

When it comes to Forged in Fire, those guys need to not only know how to shape a knife, but also know how hot to get the metal as well as how to properly hammer the metal without it breaking. Without knowing how to do those things there’s no way their knife will turn out how it’s supposed to! So even with the masters on that show, they need to make sure they practice the simplest parts of making a knife. When they heat the metal super hot, in order to harden it, they have to quench it in a pool of oil. If it is quenched at too hot of a temperature the knife will become brittle and break when tested. If I were to adjust someone too hard, or too soft for their body, the adjustment wouldn’t be as effective as it actually should be. So it’s very important that I keep up with my training to ensure that we are always doing the right thing at every single visit.

If the bladesmith is in a time crunch, or tries to rush something…usually that accounts for something not being correct. Their knife won’t be strong enough, the handle will be uncomfortable, so on and so forth. The same goes for me, if I decide to rush things, or not focus 100% we can actually cause more harm than good to the body. This is why the training that I continuously do is vital. If I wasn’t constantly sharpening the axe, as they say, I don’t think I would be successful at all with a lot of the chronic cases that I work with on a daily basis. Rather I think the opposite would happen, people would maybe get worse!

Unlike forged in fire…I don’t win $10,000 but that’s okay!

I am proud of the work that I do and I believe that what we charge in the office is very fair for the results people often see. It is my goal to allow people to be what they want to be, and do what they want to do, without their health being a barrier. So if I’m able to get people more headache and migraine free days….or not have to worry about the chronic neck, back, and jaw pain that they’ve experienced in the past….or help combat the anxiety that they’ve had….then that is a win for me what I’ve set out to do and train for!

So in the end, THIS KNIFE WILL CUT!

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